Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

The boys and I flew from Washington to Utah for Christmas this year. Chris had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so we decided to celebrate Christmas with Chris a few days early. Landon, Carter and flew to Utah on December 18th and will fly home January 7th.

The flight to Utah overall went pretty smoothly...I have not flown since Carter was a baby. I didn't realize I needed to print my boarding pass 24 hours in advance in order to get on the plane with kids more quickly. I ended up having to wait in line at the airpot to board (instead of just printing boarding pass at home) and we were almost the last ones to get on the plane. There were no seats next to eachother, that I could see and I started to panic. Luckily I mentioned to Landon that he may have to sit by himself and it would be just like sitting on the school bus. I helped him with his seatbelt and then searched for two seats for Carter and I. I didn't see ANY so I just plopped him on my lap. Now, lap babies are free only under the age of two but I didnt really know what else to do. I, unknowingly, held up the plane for a good half hour before they announced that if anyone had a child on their lap that they paid for, to raise your hand. I could feel the whole plane looking at me as I raised my hand. They told me I needed to put Carter in a seat. The kind lady next to me volunteered to move and the plane ride to Salt Lake was smooth from there. Carter played his ds and enjoyed his free Sprite and Landon did just fine by himself. We were sure happy to see Brittany her girls at the airport and then everyone else in Utah.
                                                    (Coffee shop at the Salt Lake airport.)

The day we got to Utah, my parents water heater broke and her new washer was bring installed so it was a little bit of craziness. I don't know what a family visit would be without a little crazy so it's been great. Here are some photos from this our trip. We have had fun so far by sledding, playing in the snow, celebrating Christmas, going to the movies, and just being around family. We miss Daddy but know we will get to see him soon!
                                      Playing with cute little Audrey the first day we got to Utah.
                                               Aunt Brooke and the birthday girl, Audrey!
                                  Love this little girl, saying "CHEEEESE!" on Christmas day.
                                                  We got to celebrate Audrey turning 1!
                                                        The guys on Christmas Day.
                                                          My mini me. {Christmas Day}

 Opening up some presents. I was mostly video taping so we can show Daddy when we get home to Washington.
                                           Walking to church the Sunday before Christmas.
                                                  Cute Clara on our way to a girls lunch.
                                                Evie girl catching snow on her tongue!

                                 We went to see Frozen on the day after Christmas. Great show!
                                                       All the girlies on Christmas day.

                                           Santa Claus came to our family party in Magna!

                                                  Travis and my mom shoveling the snow.
                                                          No where for mom to sleep!
                                          The boys were sooo excited to play in the snow!

                                            The best gifts of Christmas, my two healthy boys.
                                                             Christmas Eve pajammas!

                                                   Christmas at Grandmas and Papa's!

Friday, December 27, 2013

I cannot believe it has been this long since my last post. So much has happened in the last two years. Chris and I are now living in Milton, Washington. We moved June 2013 from Layton, Utah. Chris is working at a grocery store in Burien. I stayed at home with the boys for a few months and then started nannying for a family near by. I also help out at Carter's preschool. Landon is 7 years old, in 1st grade and absoulutely just thriving. Such a smart little boy who loves anything history, especially learning about the presidents. Carter is 4, in preschool and is really loving it. He loves to learn and wants to read like his big brother.